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New promos!

Still having some problems with the video-cam, but we're trying to find some rocket-scientists to fix it. See you at the Stage Bar@Helsinki on next saturday!


Looong time ago we wrote something here. Can't even remember when, haha!
We've been busy with the new songs and all other stuff.. Unfortunately this blog has been not updated too often.
So what's going on. We are doing some gigs and promote our stuff every way possible. A couple of days ago we started to rehearse our songs acoustically. It should be fun to do few acoustic shows too every now and then!
We have also tons of material on video which should be checked out soon and decide what we can show you.
Check out new gigs!



Greetings from the studio! It's time for vocal recordings.
Vocal judges are here!



Time to catch up what's going on. Couple of weeks ago Juuso took his drums and headed SN-Audio to record few new songs. This week me and Arttu did our job and recorded all guitar parts. I must say it's nice to record some new material! Let's see what happens next.




Spring is finally here!!! Fuck yeah! Time to hit the road. Next destination Tampere.
Here's a video from the Pub Katse gig.



New gig with ENTWINE added.
15.05.2010 THE ROCK MUSICPUB, Kokkola



Last week was different one. Right before our gig in Loviisa Arttu got sick and a doctor said he should not perform. We thought what the hell we would do but after one rehearsal it was decided we would do the gig with one quitar. It was just a challenge!
Saturday we packed our stuff in Juuso's big bus and started the trip to Loviisa.
The gig went well and the place was cool. So eventually everything went better than expected!
After the show we spent some time at the club but eventually we had to start the looong trip back to Jyväskylä. At home I was around 8am sunday morning.




It is a sunny day here in Jyväskylä. Time to start record some new stuff.
Here's a new video. Some new pics can be found HERE.

J-V & Arttu



It's still quite freezy here in Finland and we're waiting anxiously for the spring to bring us the warm weathers and new shows! Yeah, and the new material of course - we've been working with some new tunes and they sound great, I guess that at least during the April we'll get those songs to live set too!

New photos and video coming soon!

- Arttu


Ahoy again!

March 2nd. I just hope the winter would end. It has been coldest winter in years. Actually I don't remember any winter that has had this much snow and has been this cold. I don't remember what it feels like when you can go outside wearing just shorts and t-shirt. I don't even remember what the warm weather feels like. Well I just have to concentrate on the new tunes with the gang and enjoy the gigs that are coming. Eventually the summer will come, at least I hope so!
Time to hit the road tomorrow. Kuopio here we come!

And ofcourse!
Here's a new video. Something what we have done in last few weeks..
Sneak peak of new material in the end of the video.



We had some great time during our stay @ Helsinki, thanks for those of you who were there with us! Now it's time to look forward and focus on the upcoming gigs. At the near future we´ll announce some new dates for gigs and yes, we also have some crazy video material from our stay at Helsinki, so stay tuned!

- Emmy



After FME 2010 we are ready for the night pt2.


Off we go!


Hail from Hellsinki!

Just wanted to tell that we are ready for the night!




First shows for the 2010 has been confirmed and here they are:
3.3. HENRY'S PUB, Kuopio
20.3. CLUB ALEXIA, Loviisa w/ ENTWINE
24.4. PUB KATSE, Jyväskylä

More to come so stay in tune!

This weekend I'll be visiting Helsinki Metal Meeting with Emmy, Arttu and Juuso. Juuso is playing there in "PDP by DW Drummer Competition" -finals. Big hand to him!
Lots of old & new friends and good time ahead. Weekend mayhem in Hellsinki!!
I'll take video camera with me so new material coming out hopefully next week.

See ya,




After a month of great time (and time since last post) it's time to do some serious work here. The live set is ready, only few minor fixes and we are ready to hit the road. Actually since the last summer we have done really much work just to get songs better and tighter than before! Some changes and few new choruses makes "oldies" feel right. New songs rocks even better!! Some shows in Finland will be done this winter & spring time. More info later!
Here's a video from rehearsing & recording some shit.