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Something new

Hellllllll - o!

What has happened recently... Although we have to practice for the studio / first show we can't keep our fingers away from new shit. So Wednesday we had sessions with R-D and came up with a new song. Or better to say a new idea for the song. We made this rough version with drums, guitars at my hellish "home studio". Next step would be recording and testing big variety of different "things" and of course recording vocals so we know really what the song will sound like. It feels like we come up with good songs at the moment! :)
Next time we will have rehearsing sessions at Sunday MORNING!! I can't remember if I have ever been rehearsing at morning time. This could be interesting. I mean mornings aren't good time for musicians. Or at least I imagine so.. I'll probably be really awake when we finish up our sessions.
Well maybe some Red Bull can give me enough energy to survive that morning.

J -flying- V

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