Dead Cult Diaries omin sanoin


Howdy dudes and dudettes!
Summer has gone by so fast. Even it's not near the end it's scary that someday it might end.. have to enjoy the moment!
So.. as Emmy mentioned earlier we spent some time in studio few days ago and recorded couple songs. The studiotime went by so smoothly that until afterwards I noticed we havent documented our shit at all, videos etc... But what the hell! That must mean we really worked hard! Two new songs are now ready for mixing which will happen next week. Something new, something different, something groovy, something heavy, something fresh. Which is nice! Well soon you'll hear what I mean.

So far this year has gone by doing gigs in Finland. Acoustic shows were something we wanted to try. So we did few. It was different but nice experience. After that "normal" gigs feel even better and fresh. Nothing beats good sweating! Acoustic thing doesn't offer that.. at least as much as good thrashy club gig!
Couple more shows (Äänekoski, Jyväskylä and Helsinki) to go and then the road takes us to China!

Cheers and beers!


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